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 Community and Citizen Committment

 S - Secure grant funding to maintain our community safe and reduce tax payer burden.

 H - Handle all concerns promptly and foster communication.

 E - Enhance community engagement

 R - Revamp practices, policies, and procedures.

 I - Implement Initiatives to enhance community safety.

 F - Focus and fight on issues impacting our County.

 F - Fulfill the requirements of the constitution and the people.

          Community Safety

  • Implement a Social Media and Threat Monitoring Unit​.

  • ​Develop and maintain a public database of Deputy commendations and misconduct.​

  • Initiate CeaseFire and F.U.R.A initiatives.



  • Maintain a conservative budget that will ensure we are operating cost effectively. 

  • Work with other agencies to reduce jail cost and court docket by ​supporting an amnesty warrant program for certain non-violent offenses. ​


  • Fight for a acceptable pay increase for ALL employees. 

  • Recruit veteran candidates under the PaYS program. 

  • Advocate and support the Sheriff's budget to borne the full cost of health premiums for all employees and retirees. 


            Cultural Barriers

  • Opt-out the 287(g) program immediately as it is not being used as intended and breeds fear, hatred, profiling and jeopardizes L.E.O safety.

  • Adjust offenses that would trigger I.C.E alert to High and Aggravated Misdemeanors as well as gang related crimes for inmates under the rightful purview of the jail. 

  • Evaluate the Alternatives to Immigration Detention program.

  • Eliminate discriminatory practices.

             Field Operation

  • Reallocate zone manpower to address growth, increase response time and reduce Deputy workloads.​

  • Enhance the deployment of specialized units to protect our community and schools.​

  • Identify alternative funding sources for field resources and programs.​

  • Implement the Strengthening Police and Community Partnerships program.

  • Enhance partnership with Faith and Blue initiaves.

     Community Relations

  • Initiate a Diversity and Inclusion unit.​​

  • Engage in outreach programs for at risk youth and victims of crime.

  • Establish a Citizen Review Board.​​

  • Adopt comprehensive bias-free policies, practices and training.

  • Identify key strategic issues for the agency for the next 4 to 8 years.

  • Promote cultural awareness and encourage communication.

   Gun Violence Prevention

  • Support universal background checks for firearms purchases.​

  • Support a reasonable waiting period for firearm purchases.

  • Support and advocate for harsher penalties for weapon related crimes.​

  • Support smart gun technology and enhanced gun safety features.​​

  • Support extreme risk protection orders​.

                Jail Operation

  • E​liminate jail calling fees​


  • Maintain a humane jail environment.


  • Establish a Jail Mental Health Facility.


  • Enhance training to ensure all inmates to include LGBTIQA+ receive fair and equitable treatment.


  • Initiate the Restoring Promise Initiative.

         Employee Relations

  • ​Reorganized to take advantage of the broad background, experience, and skills of staff.

  • Host recurring round-table meetings with employees.​

  • Establish a Sheriff Advisory Council.​

  • Maintain a culture that values the importance of support and intervention.

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