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" I am Committed to Transforming Policing and Jail Operations as well as  Transcending Political Boundaries for a Stronger Sheriff's Office and Safer Community" 

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God, and Family First; Community Second, Me Third!


My name is Jerry Ramos, I would like to t
hank you for taking the time to visit my page. As a candidate for Hall County Sheriff, I invite you to please continue browsing the website to learn more about me and my goals. 

As a no-nonsense; common sense public safety and passionate leader. My priority is to transcend political boundaries to provide you and future generations with a more balanced sheriff's office and jail ecosystem, as well as enhance accountability and transparency.


As a Blue Dog Democrat, I will be the pragmatic, moderate voice for Hall County, and the Sheriff's Office. I will support mainstream values and be devoted to promoting fiscally sensible policies, as well as maintaining a strong law enforcement presence, and working across party lines to accomplish what is best for our citizens.

Next, I will continue to fight to bring a stop to today's divided and destructive local politics. I will form working relationships throughout the community in order to establish common grounds and implement public safety initiatives that benefit the county as a whole.

Also, I am fully committed to my moral compass and promise to uphold and honor the public confidence as Sheriff. Above all, I promise that I will be accountable to only you rather than any political party.

Why am I Running for Sheriff?

If Not Me, Then Who?


My sense of patriotism, passion, military, and law enforcement background has equipped me with the skills and experience necessary to challenge the status quo and to make a real difference in our community.

Why Vote for Me?

As a bold moderate, I will continue to put a high priority on preserving law and order, go above and beyond in my efforts to combat the rise in crime.


I will prioritize employee retention while increasing the number of Deputies on the ground alongside ensuring a secure and humane jail.

This will guarantee the Deputies' safety as well as the protection of your family, property, rights, and safety.

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