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A Statesman, Not Another Politician...

"Committed To Trancending Boundaries For A Brighter & Safer Future"


Thank you for taking the time to visit my page, as a Hall County prospective candidate for the office of the Sheriff in 2024, I invite you to please continue browsing the website to learn about me and action plan.

I am fully committed to my moral compass to guide the office and strengthening partnerships regardless of political affiliation, religion, gender, socioeconomic or citizenship status. 

I promise to uphold and honor the public confidence as Sheriff. I have placed a lot of importance on regaining and maintaining public trust and will make meeting the citizens need a top priority.

I have an obligation and strong commitment to uphold the U.S. and Georgia constitutions, that for more than (2) centuries have served as the cornerstone for law enforcement. 

Untold Story

Hello, my name is Jerry Ramos-Arce, 
I am forward thinking and committed to supporting fiscal restraint, socially progressive and moderate law enforcement policies. 


I am (1) of (3) children born to Puerto Rican parents that migrated from the island of Puerto Rico to the mainland during the "Great Migration".

My wife Kristi and I have been together for over (26+) years, she is a NE Georgia native and the cornerstone as well as the tower of refuge and strenth for our family!

The greatest achievement has been our family, I am blessed with (8) children and (9) grandchildren with (3) more grandchildren on the way. 


I grew up in a moderately poor household in Brooklyn, New York with little to nothing and spent our early years dependent mostly on government assistance, nutritional outreach programs, food stamps and public housing riddled with crime as well as drugs.

Fortunately, exposure to my childhood challenges and concurrent life's set backs have molded me into the person I am today.


It also provided me with the determination along with the drive to work hard to self-develop and achieve my goals to better serve God, Family, Country and Community!

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