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          Community Safety

  • ​Form a Social Media and Threat Monitoring Unit​.

  • Create and update a database that is accessible to the public that lists Deputy accolades and/or misconduct.

  • Initiate National and State Accreditations. 

  • ​Enhance verbal and non-verbal communication training to help Deputies mitigate use of force during tense encounters. 



  • Maintain a modest budget to maintain cost-effective operations.

  • Work with other agencies to support an amnesty warrant program for some non-violent acts in order to lower the expense of jail operation and the backlog of cases in court.

  • Host a monthly financial management accountability meeting with command staff.


  • Advocate and implement a recruiting and retention bonus program.

  • Strive for a fair raise for each and every employee.

  • Via the PaYS initiative, seek out military veteran candidates. 

  • Advocate for ZERO health insurance premiums for Sheriff's Office retirees' and employees'.

      Foreign Nationals (ERO)

  • Will protect and preserve our constitution's due process, by requring ICE detainers and/or federal arrest warrants to be signed by a Judge.

  • Will mitigate arbitrary detentions as well as ensure that all judicial actions are lawful and constitutional. 

  • Will transfer to appropriate federal authorities any undocumented foreign national who has committed a crime and has been arrested.

             Field Operation

  • Reallocate the patrol workforce to hotspots in order to better handle growth, improve response times, and lessen deputy workload in high density  zones.

  • Increase the deployment of specialist teams to defend our county, businesses and schools.

  • Identify important strategic issues for the agency over the next (4) to (8) years.

  • Form a traffic / medical Accident team.

  • Enhance intelligence-based predictive policing

     Community Relations  

  • Organize outreach initiatives for young people who are at risk and crime victims.

  • Establish a Citizen Review Board.​​

  • Adopt comprehensive anti-bias policies, practices and training.

  • End discriminatory actions and ethnocentrism towards Racial and Ethnic Minorities.

  • Host two (15) day Youth  summer programs

  • Identify and adopt Mental Health Initiatives

   Gun Violence Prevention

  • Support enhanced background checks for firearm purchases.​

  • Support waiting periods before purchasing a firearm.

  • Will advocate for harsher penalties for weapon related crimes.​

  • Support smart gun and safety technologies.​​

  • Support extreme risk protection orders​ with due process.

  • Support and advocate for a free public shooting range for practice and education.

  • Support tax incentives for safe gun storage

  • Will participate in the Operation Safe Cities Initiative 

              Jail Operation

  • E​liminate jail calling fees​

  • Maintain a humane jail environment.

  • Expand Mental Health and addiction treatment services for Prisoners.

  • Improve training to guarantee that all prisoners, including LGBTIQA+ individuals, are treated fairly and equally.


  • Independent oversight and investigations of alleged abuse, inmate fatalities, and facility conditions.

  • Identify and get control of administrative, security, and staffing issues

  • Establish a local Second Chance Employers Network and host virtual or in person job fair for inmates who will be released within (15) days

         Employee Relations

  • Reorganized the office staff to benefit from employee's diverse backgrounds, expertise, and abilities.

  • Host recurring round-table meetings with employees.

  • Establish a Sheriff Advisory Council.​

  • Sustain a culture that recognizes the significance of intervention and support.

  • Conduct periodic stay interviews

  • Hold annual recognition and rewards gala.

  • Encourage community crusades.

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